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JulieAnn began practicing yoga during a difficult phase of her life. Yoga is based on the same disciplined approach that individuals require to succeed and progress on the traditional path. Unexpectedly, JulieAnn discovered an extraordinary sense of energy and insight from her practice.

JulieAnn, who grew up admiring art from a very young age, decided to teach herself how to paint. She painted yoga to capture vitality in its physical form and the journey of the yoga painter started. The yoga art received a pure and unexpected attention. Yoga poses that formed the subject of her paintings sparked conversations and inspired others towards a more meaningful way of life. JulieAnn’s first yoga painting titled ‘Patience and Courage’ was released in 2011. 

The response to this work was tremendous and it earned her immense repute. Her world expanded. What started as a personal endeavor to find peace grew into professional works for studios and the launch of the company & clothing line via HalolaH.

The Journey Of

The Yoga Painter...

HalolaH is a channel to share JulieAnn’s work. Currently, JulieAnn is focusing her energy on new creations. Join / subscribe to our email list to be the first to learn when new work becomes available. Some of the most popular yoga-inspired products designed by JulieAnn are featured on this page.